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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Transitions After Dark

I don't know whether to be frustrated or elated. One of the things that has been happening in the last week with the Book From Hell (TBFH) is that I'll hit a point writing that gives me trouble when the computer is on, but as soon as I boot down, I figure out how to solve the snag I've run into. I've tried writing the book itself longhand partially because of this, but once I get going, I find it limiting and frustrating. I'm much faster on the keyboard than I am with a pen and the delay frustrates me because my brain is revving the engine, waiting and waiting to move on. It also starts picking at what I'm still trying to write and I get a lot of scratch outs.

It happened again last night, the solving of a snag after turning off the computer. I'd struggled to make the turn in the scene I'm writing, but the transitions were just not working at all. Okay, I decided, if I can't transition, I'll just do a paragraph sum up kind of thing and go on. So I did and then it was late enough that I logged off to go to sleep. But as I was fixing the bed, I got it. The answer to the transition.

My laptop is over two years old now; it doesn't boot up fast. Or boot down fast for that matter. Turning it back on to write this new stuff seemed cumbersome when I wanted to sleep. Instead, I ran for a notebook and scribbled down the dialogue. I have it on paper now and it isn't a huge amount so it won't be a PITA to type into the file, and then I can adjust it.

I'm glad this happened, though, because with the transitional stuff, I can show a little something with my hero that calls into question whether or not he's using black magic.

My poor heroine is not having a good day.

I guess I'll take the answers however I can get them, but I'd rather see them while I'm actually working on the computer. Much faster and less frustrating. The other thing that I find interesting is that Maia and Creed like to work later at night too. I ran into this with my demon children, but they had the excuse of being nocturnal. I don't know what's up with this h/h because they don't have that reason.