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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Waiting for the Warm Up

I canceled my order for the Cricut machine that I mentioned in yesterday's post. My former coworker who said she was going to order it, had canceled her order too after she talked to some people at her local scrapbook store. Then she mentioned the Wishblade. This is a die cutter that you can hook right up to your computer and it will cut out any true type font. Now since I'm a font whore, I have a ton of these! This sounded like the better way to go and less expensive in the long run because the fonts would be virtually unlimited and there are so many free ones available that it would be more cost effective in the long run. I did a search, found some reviews and a Yahoo group for the Wishblade. I joined that, but they have like hundreds upon hundreds of messages a day, so I'm web only--with no time to really read up on what people are saying about the product.

Tomorrow is the last day in the department for one of my tech writers. He got a management position. Of course, it's not Mr. Congeniality, AKA the coworker from hell, who's going. He, I'm certain, will be there forever. Why is it that the people we want to stay, leave and those we hope will leave, don't?

I also lost one of my engineers. I knew that was going to happen. The minute our new manager was named, he began looking. At least he's not leaving the company, only moving to a different fleet of airplanes, but again, why is it the ones you like to work with are the ones who leave?

I've had a couple of particularly boring projects at the EDJ (Evil Day Job). (I should probably put a glossary over on the right with all the acronyms I use. :-) WIP, EDJ, EN, TACV, TPOT, RF, etc.) One of them is for the 787 which is mildly interesting in theory because it's a brand new, not-even-built airplane. Unfortunately, it's just proofreading. And because I have to pay attention to the words, I can't listen to any of the workshops from RWA Atlanta. I've been doing that to keep myself entertained.

BTW, it's a hugely sad thing when a temperature of 20 looks like nirvana. We might reach that by next Tuesday. If we're lucky. Gah!