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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Why Do a Book Trailer?

When I had my trailer up for Eternal Nights, I went to some boards to tell people about it. At one of the boards, someone mentioned something along the lines of: it was great, but she preferred to read blurbs and excerpts. My reply was that there were the dedicated readers and the casual readers and that I did the trailer to attract the notice of people who don't read regularly. I'd never discussed my theory with anyone, and if I read it somewhere, I don't recall the post, but A Peek at Romance has a blog up about this very topic. (BTW, the video featured is mine! Yea!) It's interesting reading if you're one of the wafflers on book videos or if you're just curious about them.

I can't get to my home page on MySpace which means I can't read private messages nor can I approve friend requests. Sigh. I can login just fine. My page is still there. I've tried clearing cookies and caches and rebooting the computer. I've tried to access it on two different computers. I just plain can't get in. I can't even file an error report without getting the error. I found an email address for MySpace, which is probably not for help, but it's the only point of contact I could find. I emailed them and wait for help. It's very frustrating!

And sorry, but y'all are getting a weather report here. It's bright, sunny, looks almost beautiful outside. It's also -34 with the wind chill. Yep. MINUS. I'm not leaving the house today, that's for darn sure.