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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back Cover Copy

I realized late yesterday that after talking about my back cover copy for In the Midnight Hour I didn't post it. I meant to. Blame my lapse on lack of sleep. :-)
Ryne is a magical troubleshooter, sworn to protect the innocent from being harmed by magic--and she's been chasing Anise, her former mentor, for six years.

Deke is a private investigator who knows something key to defeating Anise. But Anise cast a dark spell over him, and even though Ryne has managed to temporarily lift the curse, Deke can't remember what it is that he knows.

Ryne has sworn to never get involved with a human, but Deke is sexy, charming, brave and irresistible--and as Ryne and Deke are pulled further into Anise's evil schemes, it's harder and harder for Ryne to resist the attraction.

But dark magic has its own attraction, and in order to defeat Anise and lift Deke's curse permanently, Ryne will have to risk following in Anise's footsteps and succumbing to the lure of the darkness...
The font/lettering they used for the copy (and actually for my name and title, too), give the idea that the book is humorous. It's not. While Deke is a smart ass and there are some funny moments from that, this is probably the darkest book I've written. I hope people who pick it up without knowing anything about it aren't expecting a romp because they'll be disappointed.

I don't know. When I filled out my art facts sheet, I mentioned that the tone of the book was dark. That's why this font just blows me away. It just screams fun. I'm probably worrying about nothing. I'm sure the copy makes it clear this isn't a light-hearted, humorous paranormal. Right?

I have to finish the page proofs for Midnight Hour tonight and have them packaged up and ready to mail back tomorrow. I thought I had so much time to get this done, but the time disappeared before I realized it. I didn't finish my second read-through yet, although I'm not finding much, and my mom read through it twice for me.

That reminds me. On one of the author loops I'm on, another author talked about hiring someone to go through her galleys for her. At first, I thought what a great idea, but I realized that would never work for me. I find things that no one else could find because they don't know what I'm trying to say. It could be something that shades the nuance of the sentence. Like in Ravyn's Flight, I had a sentence that said "poke at her." As in baiting her. When I received my galleys, it said, "poke fun at her." Someone else reading it would think that sentence was fine, but I knew it totally changed the meaning of what I was trying to say. (BTW, it didn't get fixed and the book was published with "poke fun at her." Sigh.)