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Monday, March 19, 2007

Color Coded Chaos

I was making all kinds of notes yesterday about the WIP. (I'm not calling it the book from hell any longer because that has negative connotations and I'm trying to think positively.) I like the legal pads, but with 8.5x11 paper. I used pink and lilac and I had a set that was supposed to be lilac, but it's grayer than my other lilac and I realized that I need more colors. :-) I have a list of things I need to go back and fix, a list of things I need to do yet in the story, and my list of chapter goals. I was also writing down a few other things that escape my mind right now, but I was thinking, wow, I wish I had more colors of paper. Do you realize how limited colored lined paper is? If I wanted paper without lines, the sky's the limit. With lines? Not so much.

I like the idea of color coding this way, but let's be honest here: I probably wouldn't remember what the color signified anyway and I'd have to glance over what I'd written. I really miss my memory. I think it was my second book that killed the most memory cells in my brain. :-/

Last night, after my brain had turned off for the day, I began working on my website. I want to load some of the pages for In the Midnight Hour on April 1. I need to find my contract and look up the word limit on excerpts. I can't remember what it is, but I think I'm over it at about 2000 words. That'll mean some surgical editing to bring the scene in within my contract's specifications. I also need my cover. Not just for my website either. I have other promo things that need it and are coming due. And I also worked on my trivia page for the book. TBH, with my thoughts centered on the WIP, I'm having a hard time remembering things to list on the page. I might end up with a really abbreviated version.