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Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Movie-less Saturday

There's no movie review today. Sorry for those of you who were looking for one. I was going to watch my weekly movie last night, but when I picked it up and saw the run time was 133 minutes, I thought, I just can't spend that long watching tonight. Honestly, whatever happened to 90 minute movies?

I was invited to a new site designed especially for readers and authors to talk about books. It's called The Yack and it's free to join. It looks like it's going to be fun once we get some more romance people over there. :-) The site looks relatively new and there are less than 1000 people on there right now--at least as far as I can see. And of course, I'm still on MySpace. Feel free to visit me there and friend me as well.

Speaking of MySpace, it's been a weird weekend for that. Yesterday, I had someone put in a request to friend me, and when I went to look at his profile, it was private. That isn't the weird part, I've had private profile people friend me before. The strange thing was this kid was 15 years old per the information available. I try not to friend people under 18, but I do have a few teenage girls who love to read paranormal romance. A boy, though? Maybe I'm being sexist, but I just couldn't quite see him as a fan.

Then this morning, I get up and check in at MySpace and I have a friend request from another guy. His profile is private too, but it says he's 21. I hesitated, but he's an adult, so I approved his request, then looked at his profile again now that I could read it. It says on his page that he's 14! It gets better, I page down to the book section and it says that he hates to read books, but he'll look at magazines. Then why the hell is he friending me? I can't figure this one out. Anyway, I was hugely uneasy about the age and I deleted him as a friend. I think I was successful, but MySpace isn't the easiest thing to figure out sometimes.

My question now is why the sudden interest from teenage boys? Is there something I don't know? Eek!

I had a window open yesterday. It was so fabulous to be able to do that after a long winter. It was a little cold yet, but I'd burned a bag of popcorn (ick!) and I wanted that smell out of my house. :-) It was one of those mini-bags and I set the timer for 1 min 30 seconds and walked away. By the time I realized it had stopped popping, but the microwave was still running, I was too late to save it. Yes, it's pretty sad when a person can't successfully cook microwave popcorn.

The book from hell continues to be the book from hell and I don't want to talk about my frustrating day working on it, so I won't. I'll just say I can't wait to finish this thing. Gah!