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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time Change Woes

I still feel as if it's the middle of the night, and because I wasn't tired when the clock said I should be, I stayed up later. You'd think that would be a good thing, except that I figured out what's wrong with the scene I'm working on and I have to cut everything I wrote yesterday. I might have to cut more stuff that I wrote this weekend too. I'd cry, but I'm too tired.

A look at the calendar is panic inducing. I need to finish my read through of the galleys for Midnight Hour by tomorrow. That will give me time to type up my spreadsheet and mail them back. The only way, though, that I'm going to finish a second read-through of the galleys is to not write today and probably tomorrow. Then there's all the stuff that needs to be done now for promoing Midnight Hour and that all takes time, too. It's all little nibbles.

Oh, before this whole post becomes a whine-fest, one of my friends told me I had a mention in the RWR. For the non-romance writers, that's the monthly magazine from the Romance Writers of America for its members. I immediately dug out my issue and started scanning it. My agent was interviewed for the article on paranormal romance and mentioned me! That was pretty darn cool. :-)

It was 60 degrees here yesterday and all the snow melted off my deck. Finally! It was a little sloppy, but I can live with that.