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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Trembling Chins and Wimpy Plants

My mom finished reading through the galleys for In the Midnight Hour and she found lots of stuff that I missed. The page proofs are still clean compared to other books that I've had, but wow, I'm glad I asked her to read through them for me. She found missing words and wrong words, like: She chin trembled. HER chin trembled. Gah! How did I miss that one? Since she did so much better than I did, I asked if she'd mind doing a second read-through.

I was worried yesterday that I was going to need to cut most of what I wrote on Tuesday, but it turned out that I only needed to lose about 5 or 6 sentences and it took care of the problem I had. Now I'm wondering whether I should have revealed some information about the bad guy in this chapter or if I should wait a little longer. I'll read through it today and try to figure that out.

These characters or the book, I'm not sure which, continues to be nocturnal. In other words, I get the most accomplished later in the evening when I should be winding down and getting ready for bed. I hate this. I lived through it with Through a Crimson Veil, but my demon children were nocturnal creatures and most of their story happened at night. Maia and Creed have no excuses. I'm just tired. Sigh.

In non-writing stuff, I'm drooling over these exotic flowers QVC has been selling. I don't like the regular, boring flowers that most people have, and I'm really attracted to these less ordinary plants. Problem? They're borderline or unable to be grown in Minnesota. Or in the case of one plant, they're hardy to zero, which means if your temperature will go below that, you need to bring the plant indoors. The thing is that I just want to plant them and forget them. I do not want to wrestle a planter into my house.

I am going to try this cute little bamboo plant, though, indoors. My sink is in the corner with two windows so I'm going to put it there. These plants are supposed to be tough. Let's see if it can withstand the plant assassin (me!).