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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I don't have much interesting to say. It was 81 degrees here yesterday, a record high temperature, and I had my windows open till 10:30 at night. How great was that?

I'm trying for deep immersion on the writing. I haven't read any of my Yahoo Group digests since Friday. I've read personal email, but I'm way behind on answering it. I hit a few late last night, but I've got more to get to. I also have some other stuff I need to get going on for ITMH promo, so I'm going to try to read through the agreement before I start writing this morning. I need to get that rolling.

My mom's out of the hospital. Still weak, but feeling better than she has in months. I've been spending some extra time over at my parents' house even with all the writing I need to do. The last five days have given a little perspective on what's really important.

And pretty much that's all that's been going on. Writing, writing and more writing.