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Friday, April 13, 2007


Yesterday ended up being a very frustrating writing day. I didn't get as many pages done as I wanted and I'm not sure they're tightly focused enough. I'll be looking at them as soon as I finish this note and see if I'm right.

So I'm lying in bed this morning and thinking about how much book I have left to write. As I'm thinking OMG, how am I possibly going to do this? another thought occurs to me. How many chapters do I have left to go? I worked that out and went GAH! I have a lot of story to tell and not much room left. And because Creed and Maia are both so damaged at the beginning of the story, they've just started to deepen their relationship. Gah! The second thing I'm going to do after rereading yesterday's work is to figure out the scenes I have to have and where I'm going to put them.

Panic on two fronts. Length of time till this book is due and number of remaining pages in this book. Gulp.

On the plus side, I did sleep last night. About eight hours. Yea!