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Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm ba-ack!

I've spent the last 9 days writing 10-12 hours all day, every day, so I don't want to talk about writing at all. :-/ Instead, I'm going to hit some of the non-writing stuff that happened this week.

First of all, having a hiatus was weird. I've been blogging every day (with the exception of conferences when I don't take my laptop) for like 2 years or something. I can't even tell you how many times I thought about something being a good blog topic.

Let's see, I've been waiting and waiting for these rug runners to go on sale. One to match the area rugs and runner I already have, and an indoor/outdoor one for the laundry room. Right now, I have a carpet remnant where I want the one runner and cardboard and multiple carpet remnants where I want the indoor/outdoor one.

Last Monday, I received an email from Home Depot saying they had free shipping, and I almost caved in and ordered them even though they weren't on sale. I've just been waiting and waiting! Patience isn't my strongest personality trait. But on Friday, not only was the free shipping thing still going on, but my two rug runners were 20% off! I immediately ordered, so I made another stride forward in home decor.

I received an email to tell me that the three types of lilies I ordered are shipping. I've been waiting and waiting for these flowers, but of course, I don't have time to plant them or do anything with them. Sigh.

Wasp wars have resumed. The weather finally warmed up, and both the grass-carrying wasps who like to build nests in my windows and the regular wasps have returned. I'm shooting wasp spray through my screens again. Largely missing since the 20 feet distance is less than you'd think.

My dad installed my screen door on my sliding patio door. Um, it's not great since I really can't open and close it. He's going to ask someone to help him get it so I can actually go in and out, but it was nice to sit here this weekend with all the windows open and the patio door open as well and let summer inside.

I have a $100 gift card from Circuit City I need to use soon. I'm debating buying an iPod. I have an MP3 player that I like, but now the battery is starting to not hold the charge, and plus none of the accessories work since they're all for the iPod and not for mine. I like the idea of popping it into a cradle and having music in the house. The other thing that would be cool is that the Apple iPod can carry TV shows and movies, all downloadable for a fee from iTunes. I don't know, though. I read the reviews and some people love their iPods and some people don't. Then I wonder will a new, cooler iPod be coming soon? After all, the current version has been out for a while now. Does anyone have thoughts on the iPod thing? Maybe I'd be better off buying a new ergonomic keyboard with my gift card.

I had bookmarks designed for In the Midnight Hour and ordered them from the printer. I got a proof on Friday and it turned out really nicely. I hope the finished product looks as good. I have no clue when I'm going to receive them, but luckily my mom will work on bundling them up for me while she watches her soaps.

I think that's it. At least it's all I can remember. Today, it's back to the EDJ (Evil Day Job), and since I've used pretty much every day of vacation I had, I won't be getting any time off for a while. Real time off, like to relax and do fun stuff. 10-12 hour days are not fun. :-/