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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just Stuff

Boy, the laptop is really slowing down. I'm not talking internet connection speed, which is still at dial up since I'm not networked, but the actual computer speed itself. I'll have to run a spyware scan when I get home from work today, but I'm thinking it's probably the fact that the laptop is over two years old and there is a lot of crap on it now. I really should wipe the drive and reload the stuff I want, but I did that with my desktop a few years ago and I still don't have everything back on it. And it is a lot of work to save everything off the hard drive, wipe the drive, reload all the programs, and then reload all the files. It's probably easier to just buy a new laptop. :-/ Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll just be spyware.

I tried to get to bed a little earlier last night so I'd be rested today. It started out so well, but I woke up around 1:30. I think it was my dream. Over and over, these little creatures with huge teeth kept leaping at me and sinking their teeth into my left arm. I even think I know what inspired that--my left wrist, arm, hand and thumb have been painful the last couple of days. Bad enough that I started babying it yesterday. Anyway, I didn't fall back asleep till nearly 4am and then the alarm went off. I'm a hurting unit right now.

Oh, and Shards of Crimson is up for two NOR Awards. This award is in conjunction with Night Owl Romance. You can go over and vote here.