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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Midnight Hour Excerpt Is Up

The pages for In the Midnight Hour are up on my website now. The main Midnight page has the back cover copy and links to an excerpt and book trivia--including where the idea came from, how to pronounce Ryne's name, why Deke got his nickname, etc. If you want to see a bigger image of the cover, click on the small cover on that page and it'll take you to the larger one.

I don't know how many more times y'all can stand hearing me say how excited I am about this book, but I really am. This story and the characters just wouldn't leave me alone until I had it written. I guess it didn't really help anything that the opening scene of the book takes place in the cemetery that I can see from the bathroom window at the EDJ (Evil Day Job). Ah, well, the story is written and all my work on it is finished and in just a few months, it's going to be a book. ;-)

So yesterday morning I was in nirvana, the writing was flowing fast and furious and I could hardly wait to get back to it. I finished the chapter I was working on and...SPLAT! Did you know there's a wall in nirvana? I didn't either until I hit it.

I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with the next chapter. I needed an action scene since it had been too long since the last one, but beyond that? Shrug. The idea I came up with seemed rather convoluted and I wasn't sure it was the answer. After talking with a friend who basically said: write it and if it doesn't work cut it. Which gave me heart palpitations since the deadline is looming and I'm going to have my back against the wall to make it. But she also pointed out that sitting there, not writing, wasn't producing any more pages than if I wrote them and then cut them.

So that's the plan today, to get this scene down. I've done some mulling and managed to streamline my idea, but I guess we'll see how successful that was when I actually start to write.

It finally stopped raining here long enough for the deck to mostly dry out. It won't last, there's more rain coming, but for now, it's nice. Plus, I can see all the buds on the trees around here and it's fab to know they'll be getting leafs soon.