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Monday, April 16, 2007

No Rhythm

Mornings have a rhythm, a routine--okay, a rut--and I realized a minute or two ago that I've totally gotten out of mine. I was running through my usual stops online and I didn't seem to be out of rhythm, but I looked at the clock and it was 4:47. Normally, I'm blogging by around 4:30 and I went, Yikes! I have to move. That's when I realized that I had somehow lost my Evil Day Job morning timing.

Anyway, yes, it's back to the EDJ again. In a way, I'm almost glad (note the almost) because my brain is exhausted from the nonstop writing I've been doing this past week. Progress was good, but I was hoping for more.

I know I have two projects waiting for my return to the EDJ. One I was working on before I left, the other was brought over about 2 minutes before I was out the door on the Friday before my vacation. I'm also going to have all the stuff to catch up on that accumulated in my absence. I'm getting more tired just thinking about it.

So basically, deadline hell continues for the book and I'm going to be running at work this week, too. Sigh.