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Friday, April 06, 2007

Questions, We Get Questions

I'm still working on this darn fight scene. I swear, it's like pulling teeth to get any words down and this is a perfectly miserable writing experience. It has me questioning, though, whether Creed really is angry, and if he isn't, is there some other emotion that's going to make him do what he's going to do? I don't know. This might possibly be the worst fight scene I've ever written. I know I've said that before, but this time I really mean it. :-/ Of course, at this point, I'd be happy just to have it finished so I could fix it.

I was asked by the organizer of a local readers' group to come in and talk to them. They're reading Eternal Nights for April. She offered their May meeting as an alternate and I said I could do that. April is going to be nothing except writing, writing and more writing on the WIP. Anyway, after I finish this book, I'll have to reread EN, so that my knowledge of the book is as fresh as theirs. :-)

You know, at least in my case, I think I'm never going to forget details in my books and then a reader will come up to me and say something, or will email me and ask a question, and I'll think, I didn't write that, did I? And yeah, I did. It's kind of embarrassing not to remember your own stories, but on the other hand, by the time a book is out, I've probably written at least one more and done proposals for a few others.

One of the most interesting questions that I received--and I got it at least half a dozen times, maybe more--had to do with Elliot's computer in The Power of Two. Everyone wanted to know what really happened to it. One of my readers was even another writer and she's like, I know you offered three ideas of what might have happened to it, but what choice did you make? And I'm like, I don't know. I write by listening to the characters and they weren't there when it happened. It took me totally off guard that so many people were interested in this computer. Not only that they were interested, but that they were interested to the point of asking me what had happened.

So yeah, I need to reread EN before I meet with this group in May because I'll have a hard enough time answering questions as it is. :-)