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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The World Is a Scary Place

Sometimes the world scares me. Last night while I was taking a break, I flipped through the stations and saw that Nancy Grace was still devoting an entire show to Anna Nicole Smith. In a headline across the bottom, it said "DNA Tests Due Back Tomorrow!" And yes, they used an exclamation mark.

I do admit to some curiosity as to who fathered the baby because men were coming out of the woodwork to claim her, but I don't need a whole eve-of-the-results show. Just a one or two minute update after the results are in is good enough. Are there people who really are sitting down and watching hour after hour of coverage after all this time? I guess they must be. I'll confess, I'm totally not a fan of CNN Headline News's evening programming. I'd rather have the news every half hour than these people like Glenn Beck (whose logo looks so much like Garth Brooks' logo that I was like, wow, Garth is getting a show?) and Nancy Grace. Of course, I'm still lamenting the fact that neither MTV nor VH1 play videos any longer.

Then there was QVC this morning. I know, I shouldn't be watching, but I had to have something on while I had coffee. There's no baseball at 9am (I want 24 hour coverage!) and The Weather Channel is way too depressing. (3-6 inches of snow possible starting tonight and going into Wednesday.) I look up from email and they've got a wall mounted fish tank that looked maybe an inch wide and the guy is showing a baby's picture behind it. Look, see what you can do? You can have fish on your wall with your grandbaby's picture. Gah! Who's buying this stuff?

Um, no offense if you're one of the people who think nothing could be cooler than a fish tank/picture frame.

Anyway, I'm downloading tropical beach scenes to use as wallpaper on my computer and whining pretty heavily. It's April and they're talking about snow. Snow! They also said that we won't see normal temperatures for another 10-12 days. That's after a week already below normal. You know, I could handle a couple of days of cold, but nearly 3 weeks? Sigh.