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Friday, April 20, 2007

Write Touch Readers' Choice Award Finalist

I received a call last night; Eternal Nights is a finalist for Best Paranormal in the Write Touch Readers' Choice Awards! That certainly improved my mood last night--by like a 100 fold. :-)

I needed the boost. It's been hectic all week at the EDJ (Evil Day Job) and yesterday was about the worst. I felt like I was running from the minute I arrived until the minute I left and I was frazzled. Then I came home, read through the scene I mentioned yesterday. I decided it was mostly okay, although I did tweak a little and I'll probably do more tweaking of the language later. The problem was everything in the scene that followed. It was boring and didn't work. I trashed the entire thing and then struggled to figure out how the hell to write the scene in order to get to the big revelation. It was a big day for wheel spinning. Sigh.

I'm off from the EDJ next week. Hoping for a lot of progress and no more trashing of scenes.