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Monday, May 14, 2007

Almost There

A week from today, the WIP will be on it's way to NYC. That gives me, in essence, six days to finish revising it. I was working on the computer, but yesterday afternoon before I went to my parents' house for Mother's Day, I printed the whole thing out. And holy cow, it really is a book! =8-O I don't know why hard copy makes such a difference, but not only is it easier for me to see things on paper, the fact that the thing is basically done felt more real. I stood there, staring at the near-ream of paper on my dining room table and admiring it for a few minutes.

I haven't done too much cutting yet, but today, I'll start slicing and dicing at the first chapters. They're slow and downright boring in places, but I was trying to get my feet under me with this story and I just kept going. My story right now is at 450 pages, so I have plenty of room to cut without worrying. Like I've said before, brevity is not one of my problems.

The peony tree is still alive and kicking. I've been going out every day to water it and make sure it's okay. I have no clue if I'm giving it too much water or not enough, so I can only hope I'm doing all right with it. Still have 20 lily bulbs on my counter that I need to do something with.

Okay, just saw a commercial on TV about "free style" cruising. Been there, done that, and while it sounds good in theory, in reality it was terrible. I'll never go on another NCL cruise because of it. We could never eat when we wanted to because there were never any tables available. The service from the wait staff was horrible, the worst I've ever seen on any cruise, and it's because they never served the same people twice so they didn't have to worry about their tips. BTW, the tips were automatically charged to our shipboard accounts and a certain percentage given to the wait staff and the stewards. Anyway, NCL was my fourth cruise line and it was by far the worst cruising experience I've ever had. JMO and that of all the experienced cruisers we talked to on the ship. :-)