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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Bit of This. A Bit of That.

Yesterday ended up being an extremely hectic day at work. I had projects lined up, had to deliver paperwork multiple times because I kept getting more and more of it, and as I'm dropping stuff off, I look at the clock and suddenly remember I'm supposed to leave early for a dentist appointment. Yikes! I ended up leaving a little later than I'd planned on, but still made it on time.

I came home afterward and the guy was still working on my tree ring. He underestimated the number of retaining blocks he'd need, but he plans to finish today and it looks fab! I would have taken pictures last night, but it started pouring rain and I wasn't willing to tromp through wet grass. :-)

My other big highlight of the evening? I put two of my planters out on my front porch railing. The one filled with only red and white flowers looks really good. The other one with a mish mash of colors--not so good. Ah, well. Next year I'll know better.

I'm still in recovery mode from the WIP. It's still the Work In Progress until revisions are finished or I start another project. :-) Whichever comes first. Do other writers always think of their books by their titles? Some of mine I do, but on others, I don't. Some have morphed over to their title in my mind over time. Like Eternal Nights for example. I always thought of it as RF2 (Ravyn's Flight 2) until it had been titled for a while, then gradually it became EN. In the Midnight Hour, though, is one I still think of by its, I don't know, nickname for want of a better word. It was never going to be titled what I call it, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'll always think of it as DSPI.

Oops, gotta run. The EDJ beckons.