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Friday, May 11, 2007

Flora and Fauna

I took half an hour after work yesterday and planted my peony tree. Actually, I was kind of pressured into it by my parents who insisted it was going to die if I didn't do something ASAP. When I opened the wrappings around the thing, it had budded in places so the tree was trying to grow even without dirt. Anyway, it's in the ground and now I just have to worry about the 20 lilies I have sitting on my kitchen counter.

After I was back in the house, I hear this buzzing noise. I know what that means--there's a wasp in one of my windows. And sure enough, I spotted him. This thing was a mutant! I swear, despite all the wasps I've had to deal with in my old place and in my new house, I have never seen a wasp this big! I think he was using steroids! He had to be at least an inch long and really, really, wide! Like twice the width of a regular wasp. I sprayed him, but I don't know if I got enough poison on him to kill him. I'm hoping I did because that bruiser needed to die before he begat other mutants.

My second box of bookmarks didn't show up, so we're going to have to hunt those down. I did pass out some of the ones I received at work yesterday, but I didn't finish. :-) I just know too many people throughout the building.

Oh, shopping story. I like to write with the television on and the sound muted. My preference is for baseball, but if there isn't a game on, I usually end up on QVC. So they had this really cute and tiny purse that looked great for conferences, but it didn't come in black and that's the color I really needed. Still, I decided, camel is a neutral, it should work. They show the other colors and mention the interior lining colors and the spring green had a pink lining. I will not order green, I tell myself. Green is not a neutral and it doesn't go with everything. Camel, you will order camel. I get online and look at the purses real quickly. They show the interior on them there as well and the green isn't just lined with any old pink, it's fuchsia! It's my very favorite shade of pink and it looks so cool with the lighter green exterior. Camel. Neutral. Must stay with the neutral.

I'll try to remember to let y'all know if I keep the green purse or if I send it back. Sigh.