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Saturday, May 26, 2007


Happy Saturday, y'all!

This is my first "free" weekend and I'm all excited about it. Of course, since it's my first free weekend since last fall, I have half a gazillion things to do. After I logoff here, I have to go get my hair cut, then I have an appointment this afternoon for an oil change. Since I hit my mileage about 6 weeks ago, I definitely couldn't put this off. In between the two, I'm going to try to squeeze in a little furniture shopping. I desperately need a coffee table, something that became apparent while I was trying to work on this book and the couch was covered with books and papers.

Whew! I'm getting tired just thinking about my schedule for the day. It doesn't help that I loathe shopping--unless it's online--and that I hate sitting while they do car stuff. My one hope is that the place is empty since it's the holiday weekend and that I'll get in and out fast.

The guy came and worked on the tree ring yesterday. I think he has all the ground work done and that all that's left is putting the stones down. I think. I hope I'm right and that he can get it done before we get any rain. It's going to look so good when it's done. My mom was over yesterday and she hates the tree I have in my backyard. She thinks it's ugly. Anyway, with just the groundwork done, she said that the tree was already looking much better. I told her just wait until the stones are up.