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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Garden/Yard Things

I finally took some pictures of my new yard stuff. I know, I know, I keep bringing them up, but I'm all excited. My tree peony isn't dying, I have a super cool tree ring, and while my flowers look a little wilted, they're still alive. :-)

First up, this is the infamous tree peony that I keep talking about. Notice how it's successfully adding new shoots! Yea! I plan on taking pictures when I have beautiful red flowers and post those here, too. Of course, that will be a little ways off as you can tell from this shot. The cage is to keep the deer from eating it.

These are the porch flower boxes I bought. I have three for my deck, too, and they're planted, but until the guy who's staining the deck makes an appearance, I can't put those out. I think these add something to my porch.

And here's the tree ring I wanted so badly. It ended up costing a little more than I expected, but I think it looks sharp and adds something to the yard. I'll be planting flowers in there when it stops raining.

A slightly closer view.

And a close up.

Pretty darn cool, huh? :-)