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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Golden Quill Finalist

I received an email yesterday afternoon to let me know that Eternal Nights is a finalist in the 2007 Golden Quill Awards! I'd tell you which category, but I'm not sure. :-) Sounds weird, right? Except Power of Two in 2005 was entered in Paranormal, but was split out into a Fantasy/SF Romance category. Last year when Through a Crimson Veil was entered, the Fantasy/SF category was combined with Paranormal. I think. At least that's how I remember it. So anyway, EN finaled, probably in Fantasy/SF/Futuristic. :-) I'm waiting for a list of the finalists to find out for certain which category.

I ended up scrapping the entire chapter I've been working on and starting completely over from scratch. I think what I have is better, but I don't have time to cut those darn pages! So I stayed up way too late last night and I'm dying here this morning. Grrr.

And possibly falling into the TMI category, I have tiny red splotches on my left foot and lower leg. They're not really itchy, but they're sore and my foot is a little swollen. I'd think they were hives brought on by stress, except that they're nowhere else--just that one localized area. I considered an allergy to something, but where did my left foot go that the rest of me didn't? And I haven't been outside barefoot yet. Well, okay, on the deck, but my right foot was out there, too. And that was last Saturday; nothing appeared until yesterday afternoon.

And also falling into the medical woes category, the past two mornings, I've gotten up feeling as sore as if I spent the entire night enacting my fight scene. :-) (Which I guess I wouldn't mind if it would help me write the damn thing, but it isn't.) So I'm stiff, achy, sore and hobbling and I didn't so anything except sleep! What's up with that?

I'm trying to think of something more upbeat and fun to close out with, but I'm so darn tired! Somehow, I have to write a lot of keepable pages (which has definitely been a challenge) and get to bed early tonight.