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Friday, May 04, 2007

How to Ruin a Day in Three Easy Steps

Despite having very little sleep yesterday, it promised to be such a good day. Mainly because the coworker from hell was gone, but hey, you take what you can get. Unfortunately, it went south in a hurry, although I didn't realize it at first.

My first indication happened in the bathroom. I was trying to get hand lotion out of the dispenser and it sailed out, spattering over the front of my shirt. Scrubbing with a wet paper towel didn't do anything because lotion has a greasy component so I had messy stains on my shirt most of the day. Sigh. I never left my cube without a co-mail envelope to hold in front of me.

The second came at lunch. I have a headset that I wear just like the guys on the ramp at the airport wear when they're guiding in an airplane. (They're called ear muffs, BTW, in airline jargon.) I always put them on at lunch so I can write. Anyway, I'm starting to pull them on and I lose my grip on the right muff. Thwang! Right into the side of my mouth! That really hurt and that side of my lips was pretty swollen for a few hours.

Of course, allergy season is in full swing here. Tree pollen is very high. By the afternoon, I was completely miserable. Coughing, headache, itchy eyes, the whole gamut and no sinus meds with me.

Now I finally arrive home. I'm not only miserable, I'm crabby now, too. I just want to take my sinus medicine and chill for a while. As I near my house, there's a van parked in front of it and he's partially blocking my driveway. I pull in, park, and the guy is rushing toward me. I'm rushing toward the door to the house because I don't know who the hell this guy is, but he's faster than I am. Turns out my dad is getting estimates to stain and water seal my deck. Now, this is a good thing, but I wish he'd tell me this so I'm not taken by surprise again.

I finally got my sinus meds and I felt a lot better after that. I also went to bed early last night and slept like the dead until the alarm went off.

Oh, yeah, and my carpet runner for the laundry room arrived. I just propped it against a chair in my great room and left it there. :-) Here's to having a better day today.