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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Reading Aloud

I discovered yesterday that Through a Crimson Veil is available on CD or cassette tape! How cool is that? I received a letter months ago that they were considering doing audio, but I had no idea that it was done and released! The audio version has a totally different cover and when my previous books are mentioned, they call my first "Ryan's Flight." Ryan! What? Did someone look at Ravyn and figure it was a typo? Good grief. That part was actually kind of disappointing, but the rest was a wow. Of course, I had to order a copy. I had this nightmare image, though, of my parents listening to Crimson Veil at top volume and that's probably the most, um, risque book I've written.

I had a more productive day yesterday. Not only did I read a book, but I managed to answer a few emails and fixed the page on my web that was all out of whack. I also got my estimate for the tree ring and it wasn't too bad, although he figured more for materials than I did, but the labor was less than I expected. The best part is that if the weather doesn't mess things up, he expects to work on it by Friday. Yea! I could actually have my lilies off the counter this weekend. I suppose I better sketch out where I want to put each type of flower.

Now I guess I better start gearing myself up to promote Midnight Hour since it comes out in August. This requires organization, though, and I think that's beyond me. :-) The worst part, though, is writing the cover letters. I'd rather write a whole book than one letter of any kind. I always feel awkward and stupid. What do I say? "Here's my ARC. I hope you love it." Do I quote reviews of other books? Write a sales pitch? Sigh.

I'm hoping I get a lot accomplished today, too. I'm supposed to blog tomorrow over at TBR (what was I thinking?) and I have to write something today. Sigh. The last thing I feel like doing right now is writing anything.