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Friday, May 25, 2007

Umbrella Misadventures

It rained all day yesterday. When I arrived at work, I grabbed my umbrella out of the backseat of the car, opened the door, stuck the umbrella out, and tried to open it. It wouldn't go up. Upon closer investigation, the metal shaft was partially broken above the slider thing that holds the spokes. I forced it over that break and held the umbrella above it as I got out of the car and got my bag. But as I close my car door, I hear a clatter. I look down and the curved handle of my umbrella had broken the rest of the way off and landed on the ground. I picked it up and kept going.

I knew closing the umbrella once I got inside the building was going to be a problem, but I figured I'd work it out--somehow. I was wrong. And as I fought with it, the jagged metal caught my finger and gave me a ragged slice just below my first knuckle. Good thing my tetanus shot is still current.

I tossed the umbrella and the broken off handle into the trash. I knew a lost cause and a potential health danger when I saw it.

It took a bandage to stop the bleeding and my finger is still pretty sore, but on the whole, it isn't bad and it could have been much worse.

In other news, I received the cable and the new track-ball mouse that I ordered. Turned out that I ordered the wrong cable. Darn it! And the curve on the track ball mouse made my hand cramp up. There's no way I can use it. I'll have to exchange both. I think I'll try that laser mouse thing. One of the computers I sometimes use at work has that and it's pretty slick. One more thing on my To Do List which has now expanded to include an oil change as well as a haircut on Saturday, a trip to look for a coffee table and some end tables, and on Sunday, a trip to Ikea to pick up a table for scrapbooking and a shelving unit for the spare bedroom. Oh, yeah, and I have to work Monday because that's one of the holidays I lost at the EDJ. I'm getting tired just thinking of it. :-)

The last couple of nights, Shona has been passing along a little bit of information. Very little, but some. She's a character mentioned a couple of times in the book I just turned in. She's a glass artist and I know absolutely nothing about that, which means if I do her story, I'm going to have to do a lot of research. Why don't I ever get stories/characters that are easy to write?