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Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend Warrior

I don't feel like I had much of a weekend, and since I lost today as a holiday, it's back to work. The only plus is that almost no one will be there (we all lost different holidays) and it should be a nice, quiet day.

So my weekend. Sigh. It started out with a 7am wakeup on Saturday. I had my hair cut, went furniture shopping. I need a coffee table and two end tables. Of course, I have a small space so I need a narrow and short coffee table. Everything I saw that was the right length was too wide. Everything that was the right width was too long. Next weekend, I'm going to a place called Becker Furniture World way out in the back of beyond Minnesota and hoping they have something.

After I struck out on the furniture, it was time to bring the car in for an oil change. The service guy tells me I'm 6,000 miles overdue for some maintenance and I should probably have it done. I just about choked at the cost, but I was like, yeah, okay, let's do it and get it over with. I figured I don't have a deadline and how often does that happen? Might as well get it done when I have time to waste, and besides, I had a book with me to read. Two hours later, the service guy finds me in the waiting room and says that I need my anti-freeze changed, too. Fine. Whatever. Then he tells me that my muffler and tailpipe need to be replaced, but they'd have to do that next weekend. And he showed me the price. I just about fell over, but I can't stand the noise anymore, so I said okay.

I finished my book and still I had to sit. Finally, after three hours, I was able to retrieve my car and get the hell out of there. Gah! That pretty much shot the day.

Sunday didn't get any better. Up at 7am again and I hit Ikea as soon as it opened. I needed a table for the spare bedroom to scrapbook on and I wanted a shelving unit for the room as well. I knew exactly what table I wanted, but they didn't have it anymore. I found another one I liked with a glass top, but I had to buy the four legs for the table separately. Not as a set. I mean each, individual leg. I did buy what I came for, though, which put me ahead of Saturday's shopping.

I got home at 12:30, started laundry, almost fell asleep on the couch, and then I began planting flowers in my plant boxes for the deck. My tree ring isn't done yet. That I finished around 6:30, had dinner, finished laundry and collapsed into bed.

I still have to put the furniture together that I bought at Ikea, which means cleaning everything out of the spare bedroom to make room to work. I'll be back at the car place next Saturday at 9am. My tree ring should be finished this week so I'll have to plant my lilies, and I'm sure there's a ton of other stuff I'm forgetting. Sigh.