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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Winter Rose Award

I found out yesterday that Eternal Nights won the 2007 Winter Rose Award for Best Paranormal Romance! Whoo hoo!!! This was fabulous news and the timing was perfect because I really needed a boost. The complete list of winners is up at the Yellow Rose website.

Both the runners I ordered arrived. The one in front of the computer room looks fabulous, but it needs a quick vacuum. It just came yesterday and I was in the middle of the fight scene from hell. The runner I ordered for the laundry room isn't quite what was pictured online and I'm not sure I like it. I don't think it looks hideous or anything, but it's just not quite what I was looking for. It's too big a hassle to return it and it wasn't much money, so I'm keeping it. Maybe once I get over the difference between the image and the actual product, I'll like it.

Um, sorry about the freak out yesterday for those who read it before I edited it out. I do have an overactive imagination and I'd gotten myself into a state. I usually love the imagination because it allows me to write and to entertain myself in situations where other people are bored, but it also has its drawbacks--like full-blown hypochondria at times.