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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Big Sigh of Relief

I've heard from both my agent and my editor about In Twilight's Shadow now and I'm hugely relieved. My agent said she missed her subway stop because she was so engrossed in the story, and while I don't have my revision letter from my editor yet, she sent me an email to say there was nothing big. And that revisions are on their way via Fed Ex. Perspective on my own work is usually difficult, but with this story, I honestly had no idea what I had.

Since revisions are on their way, I knew I didn't have time to continue making envelopes. I needed to get my mailing out the door ASAP. My dad stopped at the drug store for me while I was at work and picked up a couple of boxes for me, the kind with the peel off, self-stick flap. Hurrah! All the promo stuff is in boxes, ready to go to the post office tomorrow. But now I have tons of handmade envelopes lying around. :-( Some are all ready to go. Some just need to be sealed. And some are lying unfolded. Now what am I going to do with all this stuff?

With the craft project and the mail out done, my tabletop is clear and so is most of my counter. Yea! I can't live in chaos and that's what it always feels like when my open surfaces are cluttered.

The peony tree is doing fabulous. There are even more new shoots coming off of it. Some of the lilies seem to be doing exceptionally well, while others don't appear to have grown at all since being planted. Then there are the poor toad lilies. Two of them might make it. Two of them... Sigh. It's been really dry here, though, and I've been watering everything, trying to baby them along. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.