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Monday, June 25, 2007

Miles To Go

Promo stuff. Sigh. I don't know why the deadlines for that kind of thing always seems to hit at the same time I've got writing deadlines. It seems like it happens for every book and then I'm trying to cram more hours into my day. Somehow.

Today's deadline is to get my bookmarks out to RT. They have a mailing service that hits 700 bookstores that care. This is much more cost efficient than mailing on my own. Did that on my first book and barely hit 125 stores at a lot higher cost in postage. My dad, thank goodness, is hauling the boxes to UPS for me and my mom did the counting out of the bookmarks. Another big thank goodness. But they'll be going out with the September issue rather than the August when the book is reviewed because I was late ordering the bookmarks, which meant my mom was late counting them out, which means they're late going to RT. :-) It might work out, though, since the September issue should be out at the beginning of August.

Speaking of RT, I expect the August ratings to be posted on their website this week. Since I'm a subscriber, I'll get to read the reviews right away, too. I thought about asking for an advance review on In the Midnight Hour for promotional purposes, but I didn't. You see, I've never asked for this before and all my other reviews have been good. I guess I was afraid if I asked, this would be the one time where it wasn't. I've never considered myself superstitious, but there's no point in tempting fate, right? Anyway, I'll be holding my breath this week (in a way) until the reviews go up. This book is one that I'm particularly excited about, and I'm hoping others love it, too.

Revision work continues. Progress was much slower yesterday, but I'm still plugging away.