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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Fabulous RT Review!

I received a great review from Romantic Times BOOK Reviews for In the Midnight Hour!

O'Shea ratchets up the paranormal thrills with this inventive and clever new tale. In book after book, she's has been proving why she's destined to be a significant player in the paranormal genre. Rich with action, drama and passion, this is pure paranormal pleasure!

How cool is this???

My favorite parts are where Midnight Hour was called "inventive and clever" and the line where it says that I'm "destined to be a significant player in the paranormal genre."

The only downside is that something was revealed in the review that I wish wasn't. I knew it would happen and that it will probably occur in most of the reviews the book gets because the event happens in the first three chapters. Reviewers generally consider anything in that area as fair game to be mentioned.

When I was writing this book, I didn't give my writing buddy any warning about what I had planned, and her reaction when she read the scene that revealed the information was priceless. I was hoping all the readers would be able to have that kind of delighted surprise, but I knew the odds were against it. Ah, well.

In other news, revisions went well yesterday and I made really good progress. Of course, I still have a couple of the bigger changes left to handle, but I'm cruising through the littler ones. Yea!

I talked to a woman at work about my poor flowers being sheared off and she thought it might be a cut worm. She recommended some powder stuff that won't hurt the plants or any animals, yet keeps the bugs away. I now have a bag of it and my dad volunteered to put it on for me this morning. Hopefully, the protection will save the rest of my flowers.