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Monday, June 18, 2007


I can describe revisions in two words: Excruciatingly painful.

I needed to write a short prologue to answer a couple of the issues. Five pages, I figured, no problem. I struggled all day. Finally, some time afer 8:30, I figured out what the problem was, fixed it, and finished about 11pm last night.

There I was at 10:30 on a work night researching aerodynamics and how a bird flies. For one paragraph. On the plus side, at least the information was easy to find. I've had to research little facts like that before and have wasted hours because what I needed to know was so obscure. It was good to have the information come up on the first search and the first hits.

I'm hoping I hit what I needed to in those five pages and that I can just fine tune them a little and move on.

It was very discouraging, though, to work for hours and hours and only get five pages out of the deal. And that's provided they work and my friend doesn't tell me I need to rewrite them. Gah!

Hopefully, I can move on to the next problem. :-)