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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stubborn Darn Characters

I'm still reading my book on Polynesian mythology. I'm finding some of the information very interesting, but my heroine (and her hero) still aren't talking to me. It's very frustrating because I can sense them there and I want to know what their story is, but I get nothing. I'm wondering if this is payback because I made her go away while I was writing In the Midnight Hour?

It's very frustrating because until one of my characters tells me or shows me what's going on, I'm clueless. Right now, I'm wishing I was one of those writers who was able to come up with the story, but it's never worked that way for me.

I might have mentioned this before, but take Midnight Hour as an example. I had the premise behind Deke's curse years ago, but I had nothing beyond that. It was a cool idea and one I wanted to write, but not only couldn't I hear Deke, I had no clue who his heroine was. Fast forward to Ryne's appearance. When she came in, she told me about her people. Lots and lots of information about her people. I didn't know for a long time that she was Deke's heroine. As soon as I realized that was who she was, the story started coming together.

So here I sit, reading the mythology book and waiting for this heroine to give me more than the fact that she's half Tahitian. I guess it doesn't much matter, though, since I have revisions coming and that would shunt her aside again anyway. It's just that my curiosity is driving me crazy!