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Friday, June 15, 2007


I didn't think my half Polynesian hero had any tattoos, but I found out differently. So today, during lunch at the EDJ, I started looking up information on Maori tattoos. Most of them dealt with facial designs which are very significant and important to them (Ta Moko), but I knew he wouldn't get any of those because he grew up in America and he'd want to fly under the radar. I think he might be ex-special forces, but he's still not talking. I turned up some interesting information on tribal tattoos, though, and bookmarked them for later reading. His heroine always had a tattoo and I discovered that turns him on.

My revisions weren't on the doorstep Thursday when I got home and I really expected them to be there. Boy, I hope they come today because I really want the weekend to work on them. It's funny, but every single time I get revisions, it's like I forget how to do them and I get overwhelmed. Then it's like I take a step back, decide to take it one scene at a time, and somehow it all makes sense. :-)

Since I didn't have my edits, I took a nap. :-) My second three hour nap in two days. I must really be tired. I was groggy after I woke up, but that didn't matter since I had nothing in particular to do except water my flowers. Some of my lilies are not doing well. :-( I thought the bulbed ones would be okay, but not all of them are and that's unfortunate.