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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This and That

I'm really late posting today. Sorry about that!

I'm having a book video trailer made for In the Midnight Hour and it's really turned out cool! It's not finished yet, but I think we're close. Right now, we're going through, trying to find pictures that fit my h/h and the villain. I wish we could use the pictures I had up as I wrote, but unfortunately, I don't have the rights to them. I think we found Ryne, but we're still searching for Deke and Anise.

My plants weren't quite as decimated as I thought. Last night, I took a break from revisions and went down to really check things out closely. I only lost 1 starfighter lily and it looks as if I only lost 1 toad lily. I really thought I'd lost all but 1 toad lily. The Sumatra lilies, however, were as bad as I thought--three gone out of four. The one remaining one is doing really well, so that's some consolation. Peony tree is doing excellent!

I finally finished the prologue for Midnight Hour and revisions are starting to pick up speed now. Of course, they couldn't go much slower than they were while I was writing the new pages.

I think I'll stop here. I'm writing this at the EDJ. :-(