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Friday, June 29, 2007

Trendy Names

I think I'm going to have a hero named Logan.

As a friend pointed out, the name is "trendy" which is something I'd like to stay away from.

He hasn't "announced" his name and he hasn't forced me to look through baby name books and become insistent on that moniker. This fooled me into thinking that maybe, just maybe, I might finally get to choose a name for one of my h/h. That would be a novel experience (no pun intended).

Instead, he suggested names that had me begging, "Please tell me your name really isn't ____" (fill in the blank). He even spoke in phony accents to fit these names. His suggestions included Nash (short for Nashville), Nevada, Reno, Nigel, etc. Do I need this?

As we've spent days playing these games, it's become surer and surer in my mind--his name is Logan. And trendy or not, it's fitting the man's personality. I can't really describe how that's so--at this point it's more a sense of him than anything I know concretely--but I'm about 90% certain right now that I'll be writing about a Logan. I can only hope that it's his last name and not his first, but I doubt I'll be that lucky.

I'm nearly finished with revisions. I've corrected all the small things and I really only have one item left on the "big" list. That one thing is probably going to be the most time consuming and difficult of them all, but I expect to have the file ready to mail back to my editor on Sunday night.

Yesterday, my dad dug out some tiger lilies from in front of his house and planted them on the backside of my tree ring. (The front side is filled with my lilies.) I don't know why he decided to do this, but it's nice to have some tall plants over there. :-) He also weeded out the garden for me and he's talking about bringing more over to plant today. Wow. I'm particularly appreciative of the weeding part because I was going to have to do that on Monday, after I'd finished revisions. Nice.