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Monday, June 04, 2007

Write Touch Readers Choice Award

I found out on Saturday that Eternal Nights WON the Write Touch Readers' Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance!!! Or would I call it a co-win? Two of us tied for first so there were two winners this year. Anyway, this is hugely exciting and I couldn't share until today because I was sworn to secrecy.

And to switch gears into my morning lament: I can't believe it's back to the EDJ for another week of fun. The weekend flew by, but then I was pretty busy--again. Mostly boring stuff, but all things that needed to be done.

Lilies didn't get planted. It threatened to rain all day, so that was put on hold. Not a good thing since those poor bulbs have been sitting on my kitchen counter for a month. Besides, I want them OFF my counter. :-) Maybe it won't rain today.

My dad came over and we put together the furniture I bought at Ikea last week. The table was relatively easy and it looks really sharp. The shelving unit took longer, at least a couple of hours. I was going to stand it up and have 2 columns of 4 cubes, but it was shaky and I didn't want it anchored into the wall. The unit was also built to be put on it's side, so we did that instead. It actually looked really good that way and it gives me another work surface. That's provided, of course, that I ever have time to unpack my boxes from last year's move. After we put both pieces together, the boxes went right back in the room.

Right now, I'm wishing I could get caught up on all the things I need to do, all the things I put off while I was working on the book I just turned in, and just relax. I'd love to sit out on the deck with a book and just veg. I've got to be getting close. I hope.