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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Adventures in Furnace Repair

I'm not quite sure where the morning went today and I totally hate that. Weekends are too precious to lose time like this. Sigh.

It's really hot and humid here this weekend. I know, Southerners are probably laughing their butts off about now. But we've had a pretty moderate summer this year, and compared to what we've had so far, it is hot and humid. You're probably thinking, "oh God, no! She's going to talk about the weather again." Don't worry, I'm just setting the scene for the story to follow.

So my parents came over to beat the heat. They don't have air and I do. My dad was downstairs, putting together bookcases for me. At least for a while. He comes upstairs and tells me that my furnace (which also runs the air) is leaking water. I go downstairs and sure enough, there's water dripping out of places I didn't realize it could. He's worried it's going to short out the entire furnace unit thing and so was I. We had to turn off the AC! =8-O

He got on the phone and called some emergency number. Nope, water running like that is definitely not a good thing. The company (plumber maybe?) can't get anyone out until Monday. I picture an entire weekend in the steamy weather without air. Gulp.

But the guy tells my dad it's some piping or something that's probably clogged and my dad can probably take care of it himself. So with cell phone in hand, my dad gets walked through the process and it worked! I have air conditioning again! And it's a good thing, too. The air was off for maybe half an hour, 45 minutes at the most, and the temperature in the house had already risen 2 degrees.

As I write this, though, it's blissfully cool.

My second adventure of the day involved a bug. I was on my way to bed, glance up, and strolling across my wall near the ceiling is a big insect. I have no clue what it was, just that it was long and ugly. Thank God for the bug vac. I grabbed that, climbed up on the bed, sucked him off the wall and all was well.

No writing accomplished yesterday, but I did rip all my new CDs onto my MP3 player. Or as I like to call it, life support. Putting the headphones on and listening to tunes is the only way to tolerate Mister Congeniality. Now I have Billy Idol's Greatest Hits, Carrie Underwood, and Trace Adkins on my play list.

And to close out, this morning I'm finally getting the opening scene for Logan's story. I need his brother's name, though, darn it and no one is telling me what it is. Grrr. As I see it now, Logan's book is first and then the brother's story and something happened to him. Something serious enough that Logan is worried, which intrigues me. I'm off to go think about Logan and his family some more.