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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And Mercury Is OUT of Retrograde

Yesterday was one of those days. Not a day from hell, that would have been easier because when you realize everything is going to be a disaster, you stop trying and kind of entrench until it passes.

I overslept more than my usual 10-20 minutes. Not enough to forgo coffee, but enough that I was in a huge rush. Traffic was bad, but not bad enough that I didn't think I'd make it to work on time. But I was late enough to get caught by the train, which meant I needed to hurry to punch. Then the guy in front of me couldn't get the badge reader to activate and let us in the door and by the time I made it to the time clock it was 6:00 on the nose. That means tardy.

I meant to blog when I got to my desk, but I had a project waiting for me. Again, things went just a little bit wrong, and by the time I'd gotten it all straightened out, I believed I'd already posted. It was in the afternoon that I realized I hadn't.

So I had to stay 6 minutes longer to make up for being on time instead of early, which meant two buses full of the guys who smash your bags were dropped off in my parking lot and I had to fight a huge crowd to get out of here.

Again, everything was an annoyance, but nothing really horrible, so I just kept on plugging away.

I tried to do a map of where I'd been online and when I clicked cities, nothing happened. I drove over a curb with the urban assault vehicle. The checks I ordered arrived with my old address on them.

Despite all this, I didn't realize the universe was against me. Not yet.

Right before I'd decided to go to bed, I remembered that I'd wanted to print out the two proposals I'd been working on before I started In Twilight's Shadow; it would be my lunch time project.

My printer wouldn't print.

Not out of WordPerfect, not out of Notepad, not off the internet. It had worked on Saturday--I think that was the last time I printed. I rebooted the slowest desktop computer in the world.

An eternity later--Nada.

I clicked on the troubleshooter, and a million years later when that finally came up, and I ran through suggestion after suggestion with no luck. Finally, after 10pm, I decided to save it for another time and go to bed.

That's when it finally dawned on me what kind of day I'd had. Not the day from hell, but the day from heck. :-)

Here's hoping I can fix my laser printer today.