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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Deja Vu

Yes, it's movie review time again! I've been watching baseball lately so the movies have been sitting, but yesterday the Cubs weren't televised and I had no desire to watch the Twins.

Last night's film was Deja Vu starring Denzel Washington. Summing this one up without giving away some spoilers is going to be difficult, but I'll try.

Denzel is an ATF agent investigating a ferry that was blown up on the Mississippi River near New Orleans. It was a terrorist act and there's an alphabet soup full of agencies trying to find out who was responsible. One of these agencies recruits Denzel to work with them because they need someone who can study a crime scene quickly. But they're not always telling him the truth and the secrets they're keeping are mind blowing.

Not a great summary, but it's the best I can do without giving away spoilers.

Anyway, my thoughts on this movie. Denzel Washington was looking fine and he played a very likable character that the audience could root for. He's by far the best part of the film and the main reason why I stuck through it until the end.

The plot sounded promising and interesting, but while it had potential, I don't think it was realized. When it was advertised on television, it sounded as if there'd be a fairly strong romance going on, but that's not true. There's pretty much no romance at all between Denzel's character and Claire. I could live with that. The biggest problem was that for a movie that was supposed to a taut thriller, I thought there was very little suspense.

Another problem was that the only character I cared about was Doug (Denzel). I didn't know his partner, so I didn't give a rip what happened to him and I didn't care about Claire. Although we were given peeks into her life and that was supposed to make her real, there was simply very little depth to what we were seeing, and consequently, she came across as two-dimensional.

Bottom line: I can't recommend this movie.
2.5 stars and that's only because of Denzel