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Monday, July 23, 2007

Goddess of Time, Space and Temperature

Wouldn't it be cool to control time? Slow it down if you're running late or if it's the weekend and you don't want the work week to start up again so quickly. Or speed it up while you're stuck at the Evil Day Job (EDJ) so that you can get out of there. Writing time would be slowed down, expanded until it seemed to last forever and EDJ time would flash by in the blink of an eye.

Weekends. Ah, weekends, they'd be eternal. Bliss. Joy. Happiness.

And suddenly I'm struck by how very sad it is that I totally live for the weekends and can't wait to get away from the EDJ. Part of it is the worst coworker in the history of the world. My attitude would probably improve greatly if he wasn't there. But the only thing that would make me completely happy is to write full time. (Although, I'll confess, while I was working on the book from hell, the EDJ wasn't looking quite so bad. ;-)

But I digress, back to controlling time. Plane trips would be over in a flash. I used to love flying, but those days are long gone. Vacations would last long enough to relax and yet still have enough time to see/do everything I wanted to see/do.

Summers would never end. Winter would last a day. If that. Oh, wow, I want to control the weather, too, and the sun! It would always be Summer Solstice--I love the long days. Sorry Southern hemisphere. :-) Minnesota would be 75 and sunny every day.

I guess I better quit here. I'm depressing myself because I can't control time, the weather or the sun. Yet. There's always hope, right? ;-)

Sorry. I just felt like being kind of silly today and thinking about how to avoid going back to the EDJ and having longer weekends was on my mind.