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Friday, July 06, 2007

Living Dangerously

Yes, I overslept again. I think that makes every day this week? I did try to go to bed early last night, but unfortunately, about the time I was thinking that, I discovered HSN had a scrapbook festival going on. I know, normally I am a QVC girl, but hey, it's scrapbooking! Yes, I bought something. Sigh. It's called a Crop-a-Dile and it's for putting eyelets in your pages without having to bang with a hammer. I've never used eyelets before, but I'm sure that's only because I didn't have the proper tool. ;-)

Anyway, by the time I logged off the computer and everything and made it to bed, it was much later than I'd hoped. This oversleeping thing is really getting old. I'm so used to doing stuff in the morning, like blogging and answering email, and losing this time means finding other parts of the day where I can do these things. That's not always easy.

I tried to sit out on the deck yesterday afternoon when I got home from the EDJ, but that didn't work out real well for me. As I'm sitting there, a wasp came to visit. I went inside, got my handy dandy wasp-killing spray and went back out. Fortunately, he was gone. For a while. Yes, I ended up shooting my weapon. Twice.

I thought I'd finally gotten rid of him, but he paid another visit. Well, maybe it was a different wasp, it's hard to tell. I also had a visit from a big, huge bumblebee and a spider ran past me on the deck railing. Grrr! Enough was enough. I grabbed my book and the wasp spray and went back indoors where it was safe from insects.

Yesterday, I talked to the woman from my video production company and she said if I embed the trailer into my website to use You Tube or MySpace to drive the hits up and increase my visibility on the search engines. I originally had used You Tube on my website, but I didn't like how it looked after the video played. It shrunk my screen and brought up a whole bunch of other miniature images for people to click on. Veoh has a more aesthetically pleasing screen at the end and it's bigger, so I went with them. I guess maybe I'll be changing that back this afternoon. If you'd like to check out the bigger screen version, visit the Midnight Video page on my website.

Oh! Speaking of the website, I accidentally updated my Up Next page--I was going to wait till closer to the release of IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR--but decided not to take it down, so if you'd like to see what's next, take a look.