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Thursday, July 19, 2007


I started writing again last night. It was just a little over a page, so not too much and I have no idea if I'll keep what I have or not, but I'm looking at this as exploring my characters. So Logan is at a family barbecue. It turns out he has four younger sisters in addition to his twin brother. His parents live in Naperville, IL (The Gineal Company is based out of Chicago), but Logan lives in the Seattle area because he's a troubleshooter and that's his territory. He's also worried about his brother, which I knew, but there was also a recognition that he wasn't going to be able to force Kel to talk. Which I'm taking to mean that whatever happened to Kel happened long enough ago for Logan to reach that realization.

I learned that neither of his parents are troubleshooters, but that one or more of his sisters might be. I already knew Kel was a troubleshooter too, so that wasn't news. Logan is close with his family--that I suspected--and his parents worry. I saw it focused on Logan since he's the one who received the call-out, but it encompasses all their children. Everyone in the family is worried about Kel. Well, maybe not the two youngest since they have the oblivion of teenagers, but everyone else is although they conceal it.

A lot of discovery for one page, but then I didn't write all this. More information came to me as I did write though and that's why I like this process of discovery.

Gotta run!