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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mea Culpa

Sorry I'm so late posting this morning. I overslept (again) and I had reports to do this morning at the EDJ, so this is the first opportunity I've had to write my blog.

So with a To-Do List a million items long, what did I do yesterday afternoon? Napped! I only meant to lie down for a short time, but it was another three hour marathon and I woke up groggy and crabby. I didn't get a thing done, and of course, after all that sleep in the afternoon, I had trouble sleeping last night. Fascinating stuff, right? ;-)

One of my writing buddies left for Paris on Sunday and I don't know what kind of email access she's going to have while she's gone. I must have started to email her half a dozen times on Monday before I remembered.

What was so critical? Well, Logan, the hero who wouldn't change his first name and tormented me with ridiculous alternatives, is being accommodating about his surname. I know, I'm shocked, too, but I've discovered it's easier when they just give me their full name and leave nothing up to me. I've been through several options with him already, which my friend has shot down for various reasons, most legitimate enough that I went back to searching. Now, though, I want to run this latest option by her and she's gone. :-(

Did I mention that Logan is a twin (not identical) and that he's one of six kids? Between him and his brother, he's the easier going of the two. Not that he's a pushover. He's just not quite as intense. I'm curious about Logan and would love to know more about him, but I'm hugely curious about his brother. What is it about intense men that I like so much? (At least in fiction. ;-)

Logan's more laid back demeanor, though, will be a nice break after working with Creed for so many months. He wore me out. :-)