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Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Again? Sigh.

Does anyone get that new Heineken commercial? You know the one where they beer can turns slightly from side to side while a masculine voice says, "I want it like that." And the feminine voice responds, "You got it like that." Every time it comes on, I try to figure out what the lyrics have to do with the beer and I've yet to come up with any answer. I don't find the "singing" annoying, although with the repeated lyrics, you'd think I would. It's the meaning that's been making me nuts. :-)

It turned out I was right about Logan being the hard one to find a picture of. I thought I had a guy that would work, but I wasn't 100% happy with him so I decided I'd keep looking while I searched for Shona. I ended up finding a model pretty quickly after I blogged yesterday that works for her, but I never did find anyone for Logan. All the male models were either too old, too young, too girly, their hair was wrong, their faces were wrong, etc. Usually, though, I can come up with someone. I might just have to go with the guy I originally thought was okay.

It was also baseball heaven yesterday. All three of my teams were on television and all three of them swept the teams they were playing. Yea!