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Monday, July 30, 2007

Rabbit 2 Patti 0

When I watered my flowers on Friday evening, all was well. When I went out to water them on Saturday evening, the vicious killer rabbit had struck again! Adding insult to injury, he was standing less than ten feet from my tree ring when I walked out of the house and he didn't move! He just sat there even as I walked down to the flowers with the hose in my hand. Finally, as I neared firing range, he hopped away. It was only then that I saw the damage he'd caused to my sole remaining Sumatra Lily. Yes, the heartless fiend had eaten nearly every leaf off the plant!

I was enraged. I swore at the rabbit, called him all kinds of names, but none of it made me feel better. Once again, the monster had bypassed the free flowers and chomped on the ones I'd had to pay for! There was only one thing to do. When I got back to the house, I picked up the Bat Phone and called my dad.

My tree ring is now surrounded by chicken wire and my peony tree has tall plastic fencing around it. The next move is yours, evil rabbit. Let's see you bypass the fence.

In other news, I managed to cross three items off my To Do List! Hurrah! I'm feeling so much better. Of course, a couple of the items still on there will take a lot of work, but the important thing is the numbers are going lower. :-)