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Friday, July 20, 2007

Rabbit One, Patti Zero

I went down to water and weed my flower bed yesterday afternoon and between Wednesday evening when I watered and Thursday afternoon, that damn rabbit returned. This time she wasn't content to merely chomp on my lily leafs. Oh, no, this time she gnawed off some of the flower buds as well. And left them on the ground!

That rabbit is so lucky I would never dream of deliberately harming any living thing, because if I wasn't such an animal lover, I would have gone hunting wabbit. :-) I was not happy.

When I finished weeding, I put out the SOS call to my dad. He came over with mothballs and strew them around the inside of the tree ring and near my peony tree. This is supposed to be better at keeping rabbits away than fencing, but if it doesn't work, he has some of that ready to go if we need to fall back to Plan B.

I swear, who would have guessed that plants were in such danger? First a cut worm, now a rabbit. It's a jungle out in suburbia and I've been oblivious.

I used my new handy, dandy garden tool and it worked fine. It's my only garden tool, so that's a good thing. :-) While I was weeding, I dug up a couple of the bulbs to see if they were mushy or okay. Both were solid, so I'm guessing the rest are fine as well and that next year they'll grown and bloom and be wonderful. If that's the case, it means there was only one fatality in my garden--a toad lily. Those weren't bulbs, so there are no second chances for them. Three are up and small, but at least that's something.

My editor emailed me yesterday asking me to provide some input for back cover copy. Despite my college training to be an advertising copywriter, I totally stink at this. I came up with something that wasn't totally horrible, but I reread it this evening (hours after I sent it) and realized I'd totally left out everything about the romance. It's all about the action and story. Picture me slapping my forehead.

I'm actually doing better at the one line to describe the book thing. I came up with something for In the Midnight Hour that I really loved and I think what I came up with for In Twilight's Shadow is pretty good too. Not as good as Midnight, but hey, lightning doesn't usually strike twice. :-)

And last bit of news, Barnes & Noble put up a link to my book video on the page for Midnight Hour. It's on the sidebar and I'm not sure how easily seen it is, although I spotted it immediately. :-)