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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

That Wascal Wabbit!

I went out to water my lilies yesterday evening and I noticed something seemed a little off on one of the plants. It took me a second to realize that all the leafs except for three at the very top had been chomped off to the stalk!


Specifically one fat rabbit I've seen hopping in my backyard. Grrr!

This necessitated picking up the bat phone and calling in my parents. :-) My dad didn't have the right fencing to keep the rabbit out, but he thought mothballs would do the trick. He's going to get some and put them out for me today.

I can't believe my plants survived cutworms only to face the destructive force of a hungry rabbit. It's a jungle in suburbia--no one realizes just how much peril my plants are facing! The rabbit had also munched on my toad lily, but apparently didn't like those leafs since she left most of that alone. Either that or she'd gorged on my starfighter lily and was too full to eat the toad lily.

This is war!

I had to turn the air conditioning on again last night. We've had really nice weather for the past week or so with dew points in the 40s or low 50s, but yesterday it became humid again. I know. Southerners would be laughing at me over this humidity level, but hey, after the nice, dry air we have been having, this was sticky.

Anyway, I was sorry that it was back to the AC at home. I get something I call an air conditioner cough and it was just going away. :-(

I read a really interesting article yesterday on one of the critical battles of the American Revolution and of the general who led it. Greene (his first name slips my mind) has apparently been largely forgotten throughout history, but if it weren't for him, we probably wouldn't be the US.

I also read an article about the Casbah in Algiers. I learned all kinds of stuff I'd never known before. There were two pictures side by side of the same place inside the city. One was taken about the turn of the century and the other was taken while the writer was there. It was amazing how little had changed.