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Monday, July 02, 2007

Too Tired to Happy Dog Dance

I emailed the revised version of In Twilight's Shadow to my editor last night. Late last night. I didn't quite finish my final smoothing run-through, but it was after 10pm and I wanted to go to bed. :-) I was almost all the way through, so hopefully I caught the parts that needed the most smoothing.

I'm so glad to be finished and I'm hoping that I fixed everything that needed fixing. :-) I'm ready for some time off!

Aside from cleaning the house, I have a long To Do List again. Working on revisions highlighted just how badly I need a coffee table, and since I have a small space, finding one that fits is going to be a huge challenge. I found that out the first day I went out looking. Even online searches haven't turned up anything, although if anyone is looking to build their own coffee table, plans are available free. ;-)

I'm hugely tired today, and although I should run a couple of errands during lunch, I don't think I'm going to. The idea of just vegging out at my desk for a while is appealing. Mondays are always rough for me.