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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Treadmill of Life

Yesterday was one busy day! I spent my lunch hour at the Evil Day Job and my evening once I got home from the EDJ trying to catch up with the cyber world. I didn't make it. I still have email to respond to and blog comments and other stuff. I started a triage method of dealing with life last night--what's most critical that I need to handle right now?

I felt like I was running all evening--I didn't even get to sit down and watch the Cubs game last night--yet I couldn't seem to make any progress. I'm going to try again today. :-)

One of the things I forgot to mention about waiting in the hospital emergency room was how I passed the time. At first, I was too anxious to do anything, but once they took my dad's vitals and everything was okay, I was able to relax some. I had one book in the car with me: Open Season by Linda Howard. I've already read this book a couple of times, but desperate times and all that, so I jammed it in my purse in case I needed it.

I really, really, really needed it. Like I mentioned yesterday, 6 hours. I read OS twice. Yep, twice while I waited. After the second time I read it, I looked for magazines. The only one near me was something like Home Handyman. I finished that, too. The only other reading material near me was children's books. I was debating starting on them, that's how desperate I was.

Conclusion? I must keep more books in the car with me just in case. This showed me the importance of being prepared.

In other news, I was interviewed yesterday by The Wall Street Journal! Not about my writing, which would have been totally super cool, but about my buying things from HSN and QVC, which was still cool, but not totally super cool. ;-) I'm hoping something I said makes it into the article and that--fingers crossed--the fact I'm a published author gets mentioned. Maybe it'll be enough to drive people to my website to check out my books.